Embrace Your Health & Discover Wellness

Products to help relieve sore muscles, inflammation, stress, anxiety & support skin health


A Natural Way to contribute to heath and wellness

Beeswax candles to help you find your moment of peace & calm. Breathe deeply, savor the natural honey aroma & lose yourself in the captivating flame

Natural creams & lotions that contain a wide range of skin loving ingredients to keep your natural glow

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Products to help relieve sore muscles, Inflammation, Stress, Anxiety & support skin health

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Beeswax candles add an extra layer of relaxation to any space

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Lotion with no chemicals & harsh ingredients to nourish your skin

What I Offer

Staying Positive is key in being self aware and in touch with your feelings.  My products will rejuvenate & help you appreciate your inner beauty.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune & inflammatory disease 2002, In 2019 I was given another life challenge that changed everything but my spirit.

My aim in life is to deliver high quality & effective products you can feel good about & trust

Shipping and Delivery

Currently, Simply Lil’s ships merchandise to locations in Canada only.